Jackstand Nation 6 oz. Black Stainless Steel Flask

Jackstand Nation 6 oz. Black Stainless Steel Flask

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Picture this scenario:  You've been out in the garage for the better part of the night.  You really should be in bed, but you were so excited that your shiny new ported head came in today that you just had to get it on the car asap.  You're taking your time, making sure everything is torqued to spec, clearances are good.  You were rushing earlier, but after losing a socket somewhere you decided it would be a good idea to slow down and keep everything neat and orderly. 

Finally, at 3am, you've finished.  Head bolts torqued properly?  Check.  Timing marks lined up? Check.  Electrical connectors all hooked back up?  Check.

It's time to make a decision.  Do you call it a night or risk waking up your family just so you can hear this baby purr before going to bed?  You choose the latter, naturally, because why put in all the work and wait for the reward.

So you slide into the driver's seat, nervously insert the key into the ignition, and give it a little twist.  Right away the engine starts to spin to life, but something is not right, and the horrible noise coming from your engine tells you exactly where that lost socket went.

That's when you grab your Jackstand Nation 6 oz. Black Stainless Steel Flask and forget everything that just happened!

Our flask comes in a gift box and includes a funnel for easy filling!

Also great for weddings!


Production generally takes five to seven business days.